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De werkzaamheden van Information Planet beperken zich tot de administratieve afhandeling in het voortraject van de taalreis, highschool of studie aanvraag. Onze partner op locatie voorziet in de afhandeling dan wel uitvoer. Voor vragen of opmerkingen over het taalreis, highschool of studietraject dien je jezelf direct en schriftelijk te wenden tot die partij. Omtrent huisvesting verstrekt Information Planet enkel informatie. Wij treden niet op als bemiddelaar in huisvesting dan wel als makelaar maar verwijzen je hooguit door naar partijen die dat doen of direct naar verhuurorganisaties. Voor vragen of opmerkingen over de huisvesting dien je jezelf direct en schriftelijk te richten tot die partij.

Hereby you agree and are aware that additional terms and conditions from Service provider(s) or Institutes may apply as well in case you accept a service or product provided by these. In such case you do you agree to familiarize yourself with these "other'"  or "additional" terms and conditions and you agree that only you and only you alone are responsible in doing so. You may ask Information Planet assistance in obtaining these additional terms and conditions but you agree that Information Planet is under no circumstance responsible or liable for your inability or negligence in obtaining and familiarizing yourself.
The terms and conditions below for any product, service or publication of Information Planet and the latest version of these terms and conditions can always be found on our website Be aware that these terms and may be subject to change over time.

Article 1: Definitions

1.1 Information-Planet
The person or organization which advises and mediates between the participant and the service provider(s) in order to form an agreement and/or provide a service. In this case: Information Planet.

1.2 Service provider / Institute
The education institute, language school, transport company, travel company or other service provider within the travel or education segment with whom the participant reaches an agreement. The service provider is responsible for the execution of the agreement.

1.3 Participant
a. the student,
b. the person or company for whom the agent mediates in order to come to an agreement with the service provider.

Article 2: Agreement and enrolment

2.1 Information Planet operates as a mediation company / travel agent and facilitates agreements between participant and institute abroad. Information Planet arranges the booking and reservation. The execution of every component of the agreement is taken into account and the risk to the parties concerned is enclosed within the agreement.

2.2 Unless mentioned or agreed otherwise, the agreement is valid after the student has made an enrolment on the Information Planet website and in case required completed the down payment (deposit) as described in article 3.1.

2.3 For enrolments made within 14 days prior to the start of the course, the student is obliged to verify the course and accommodation availability by contacting Information Planet. Only when Information Planet confirms the availability the agreement is valid.

2.4 The agreement and terms and conditions are subject to the Dutch law. Any dispute will be settled in a Dutch court of law.

Article 3:  Payment

3.1 Together with the enrolment, the student may be asked to pay a deposit depending on the programm. The sum of the deposit equals the sum as mentioned in the instructions.

3.2 Unless mentioned or agreed otherwise, the participant is obliged to pay the total sum upfront 3.3 When making a payment by bank transfer, the student is obliged to pay the total of fees charged by the bank. Only the net amount is regarded as the payment.

3.4 When making a payment by credit card, the transfer fee will be paid by the participant.

3.5 the participant agrees with communication, invoice and automatic reminders per email

3.6 Changes in currency rates are non refundable.

3.7 In case the destination of choices is a non euro currency using country the following applies; on the date of creating the invoice in euro's , the exchange rate in relation to the currancy used in the country of destination is determined by Information Planet. If the Exchange rate compared to the date of creating the invoice would change more than 4% up to 4 to 6 weeks before the start of the course or arrival with a negative effect towards Information Planet then Information Planet is allowed to amend the invoice to the more recent exchange rate. In case of refusal to pay the amended invoice, Information Planet has the right to cancel it's services (including the course, travel and accommodation) without any form of refund.

3.8 It is the participant's responsibility to receive the invoice per email. The participant cannot refer to possible spam filters and/or no valid or correct invoice email address and/or other likely causes to not receive the invoice

Article 4: Total sum

4.1 The total sum consists of the costs of the course, accommodation and any other extra services.

4.2 The total sum communicated is considered to be the price per person, unless otherwise indicated. 

4.3 The total sum is based on the prices, values, rates and taxes as known to Information Planet on the day of enrolment.

4.4 Pricing may change over time and Information Planet cannot be held responsible for any change in price or price difference published or communicated to you

Article 5: Course, accommodation, extra services and activity program

5.1 Unless otherwise agreed, the first day of the course is on a Monday and the last day of the course is on a Friday.

5.2 On official holidays there will be no classes. Classes will not be made up for. The school can decide to deviate from this condition.

5.3 In case the number of students in certain level group is 2 or less, the institute retains the right to reduce the number of hours proportionally.

5.4 The institute retains the right to determine the timetable of the lessons.

5.5 Course materials, examination fees, airport transfers, and the cost of activities and excursions are not included in the course price, except where specifically stated.

5.6 Unless otherwise agreed: the accommodation can only be booked per complete week.

5.7 Extra nights can be booked at additional costs and are subject to availability.

5.8 The distance from the institute to the accommodation given by Information Planet is a time indication for. Travel time can vary.

5.9 The student is obliged to follow the accommodation rules provided by the institute and/or the landlord/landlady. These rules can contain not being allowed to bring over visitors.

5.10 Examples of activities and excursions running during the courses are merely an indication of possible activities. Some activities may not run at all or may be substituted by other activities. In low season, there may be no activities organized at all.

5.11 Extra services provided by either Information Planet or the institute are optional and may differ time to time and are all subject to availability

Article 6: Documents

6.1 The student is responsible for having the correct documents and insurance regarding the stay abroad.

6.2 In case the students need the certificate (document confirming the completion of the course) for his visa application, this certificate can only be issued by the institute if the enrolment form has been received and the total sum for the course and accommodation has been made in advance.

6.3 In case the visa application is denied terms and conditions of the institute or service provider apply for any kind of refund

Article 7: Travel information

7.1 The required travel information will be in possession of the student between 14 and 5 days before the first day of course. This only when the payment as described in article 3.1 is completed.

7.2 The student is obliged to inform Information Planet of the details of their flight, etc. as requested by Information Planet. If the student sends incomplete information, or sends the information too late, Information Planet will not be able to make the necessary arrangements for the student to start the course or programm

7.3. The student is responsible for arranging a sufficient insurance that covers costs for accidents, illness, loss of personal property, any kind of liability etc.

7.3. The participant is responsible for arranging a correct visa for the duration of the stay.

Article 8: Cancellation and modification by the participant

8.1 Only a written notice of cancellation  "stating reasons" by the participant is accepted as a cancellation or modification.

8.2 In case of cancelled by the participant, the following minimum cancelation percentages apply:

8.2a Up to 28 days before departure, 30% of the total sum.

8.2b Between 28 and 7 days before departure 80% of the total sum.

8.2c Within 7 days before departure 100% of the total sum.

8.3 If cancellation costs for G.E.T. International of the participants selected program exceeds  the in 8.2 mentioned percentages the participants is due the actual cancellation costs plus a 10% administration fee. Actual costs are the costs of third party who charge G.E.T. International a cancelation related to the booking made by the participant..

8.4 If one or more participants who are part of a group booking cancel or modify this is considered a modification or cancelation of the whole group booking and the conditions outlined under 8.2 conditions apply accordingly .

8.5 Cancellations and/or modifications outside our regular office hours are treated as these were received on the next regular working day.

8.6 Reservation modifications made after the booking are subjected to a change fee of € 50,- 

Article 9: Cancellation and modification by Information Planet

9.1 Only serious circumstances give Information Planet the right to cancel or modify the agreement.

9.2 This refers to circumstances, which can influence the quality or execution of the course and stay.

9.3 If Information Planet cancels or modifies, it is obliged to communicate this, including a reasoning, to the participant.

9.4 In the case of a modification of prices, values, rates or taxes, as mentioned, Information Planet retains the right to modify the total sum. This should be communicated to the participant at least 14 days before the first day of the course.

9.5 By notice of cancellation the agreement is dissolved. Alongside the cancellation notice, Information Planet will offer an alternative course similar to the cancelled course. If this offer is not accepted, then Information Planet will return the total sum totally or partially..

Article 10: Modifications by a third party

10.1 Information Planet cannot be held responsible for modifications in the transport agreement, for it acts only as an intermediary.

10.2 Information Planet cannot be held responsible for modifications in the accommodation and course, for it acts only as intermediary.

Article 11: Liability of Information Planet

11.1 Information Planet cannot be held responsible for actions or negligence of the service providers concerned nor for the information supplied by them. Execution of a component of the agreement is for the institute's account. Information Planet gives free mediation in case of a problem.

11.2 Complaints about the execution of the agreement, the course, accommodation and transfer service, should be reported immediately to the institute. If the institute doesn’t resolve the complaints, the participant is obliged to contact Information Planet in writing so Information Planet can contact the institute and mediate. Under no circumstance Information Planet can be held responsible for these kind of complaints as Information Planet only acts as an intermediate.

11.3 Information Planet is not responsible for printing errors that may appear or for errors in publications by third parties of Information Planet.

11.4 Information Planet believes that all statements made in its brochure and website are factual and correct. However, Information Planet cannot be held responsible for any changes or errors that were not known at the time the brochure was produced.

Article 12: Liability of the participant

12.1 The participant is responsible for damage caused by illicit behavior.

12.2 The participant who is a nuisance or causes trouble in a way that heavily influences a proper continuation of the course can be excluded from further continuation of the course. This will be discussed by Information Planet and the institute. The costs which result from excluding will be accounted for by the participant.

12.3 Students are responsible for obtaining the correct insurance which complies with the regulations of the institute / service provider as well as the country the participant is staying. At any given moment the participant is liability for having the correct insurance and Information Planet nor the institute/ service provider can be held responsible.

12.3 When the participant arrives late or is absent on a day of the course, the participant may be expelled from the course. Periods of absence cannot be compensated for by free extensions of the course.

Article 13: Responsibility

13.1 Responsibility for Travel, you agree, understand and acknowledge that you will be solely responsible for arranging and paying for your own travel, specifically including all airfare to and from the Host Country and local transportation. It is your responsibility to carry all necessary documents while you travel overseas. You agree that Information Planet shall not be responsible for any supporting documents necessary or your travel needs or other purposes. You agree that Information Planet is not responsible for any airfare or for any other charges that may result from cancelling, changing or transferring flights or other arrangements which may result or occur as a result of your stay abroad being revised, cancelled, terminated or otherwise modified due to Force Majeure and/or any event and/or circumstances outside Information 's control.

13.2 The participants is responsible for his/her own safety and health at all times. Please bare in mind that you (as participant) during your stay in another country hereby agree to act with respect towards this country and its people. When inappropriate behaviour and misbehaviour occurs, Information Planet has the right to interfere and to pass on possible costs to you.

Article 14: Releases and Waiver of Liabilities

14.1 Assumption of personal risks. the participant hereby agree, understand and acknowledge that Your agreement to travel to, temporarily live in and provide volunteer/client Services on a project in a foreign host country necessarily involves a certain degree of hazards, inherently dangerous activities and personal risks to you, both foreseen and unforeseen, all of which are fully accepted by and solely assumed by you. In addition, you hereby fully and permanently release and forever discharge Information Planet and the service provider(s) from any and all liability for your personal injury, emotional injury, illness, disease, Death, and/or property damage that may result or occur during your stay and after.

14.2 Release and waivers in favour of Information Planet and the service provider(s). You hereby fully, permanently and irrevocably release, forever discharge and agree not to sue Information Planet and the service provider(s), including any and all of its successors and assigns, its agents, managers, participants, applicants, members, employees, officers or representatives, and any country coordinators, volunteer coordinators, host families or other persons, entities, parties, organizations or agencies collaborating with Information Planet (collectively “released parties”), voluntarily and without duress, from any and all actions, suits, liability, claims, demands, losses, costs and/or causes of action for damages or other legal or equitable relief of any nature including, without limitation, claims for personal injury, emotional injury, Illness, disease, death, property damage or other losses, expenses and/or damages (collectively “claims”), which may hereafter arise from any cause whatsoever, Including, without limitation, that arising from your participation in any project or placement and/or any project, activity or event sponsored, managed, arranged, or Promoted by, or otherwise affiliated or associated with Information Planet, whether or not Foreseeable or contributed to by the negligent acts or omissions of Information Planet or others.

14.3 Insurance. You agree, understand and acknowledge that Information Planet does not carry or maintain any health, medical, disability, damage or other liability insurance coverage for your benefit or for any other participants, and you hereby expressly release Information Planet from any responsibility or obligation to do so. You agree, understand and acknowledge that Information Planet strongly recommends that You obtain and maintain suitable insurance coverage on Your behalf during your stay and after and that You are solely responsible for obtaining and maintaining such insurance.

14.4 Medical Treatment. You also hereby release and forever discharge the Released Parties from any and all Claims whatsoever that may arise on account of any first aid or other medical treatment rendered during Your stay abroad and/or any other project, activity or event sponsored, managed, arranged, or promoted by, or otherwise affiliated or associated with Information Planet.

14.5 When a legal procedure decides that Information Planet is responsible for a certain damage or claim, this responsibility will be limited to direct damage only

Article 15: Indemnity

15.1 the participant agrees to fully indemnify and hold Information Planet harmless from and against any and all claims, demands, losses, causes of action, costs, expenses, fees and damages arising out of or related to:

 15.1(a) any breach by the participant of these terms and conditions;

15.1(b) any damages, losses, personal injury, property damage, fines, assessments, fees or costs that are caused to or asserted against Information Planet as a result of the participants actions, inaction or omissions; or

15.1(c) any contractual claim or other cause of action asserted against Information Planet as a result of the participant conduct and/or the participants failure to perform correctly.

Article 16: Price guarantee for language courses

16.1 How the Lowest Price Guarantee Works

If you find a lower price on an eligible website from another Dutch agency for exactly the same course within 7 days after we send out the invoice, let us know and we'll credit you the difference between the website's price and the invoice.

You can request your refund by sending an email to Information Planet with the subject "Found a lower price?"  and the message itself must contain the following information:

a) Your full name and invoice number

b) The name of the course and all course details, proving that the offered option is exactly the same

c) The public accessible web address of the course listing in dutch from another agency located in the netherlands

d) The date you saw the competing agency course at that price

e) The amount of the refund you are requesting

16.2 The price guarantee applies only to courses offered via Information Planet. If you already made a request via an other competiting agency the price guarantee does not apply.

16.3 To qualify for the price guarantee, you must have paid the total sum to Information Planet or the school. The lower price must remain in effect at the time your price guarantee request is verified by Information Planet. Expired offers are not eligible.

16.4 Other agencies ' special promotions such as rebates, gift certificates, bundled products etc are not eligible for the price guarantee.

16.5 Price difference applies to full cost of the item minus any promotions, and does not include tax.

16.6 The price guarantee applies to the price of the course only. Other products or services are not covered by the price guarantee.

16.7 The price guarantee does not apply where the other agency or Information Planet has made a pricing error or typographical error on an item.

16.8 The other agents website must be operated by a Dutch company and must operate from within the Netherlands.

16.9 If your claim satisfies all of these terms and conditions, we will refund the price difference between our price and the competing.

16.10 Information Planet reserves the right to deny claims or to modify these terms at time if the price guarantee is being abused.

Article 17: Voucher codes

17.1 Each voucher code is valid for a limited time only and expires on the date specified in the offer.

17.2 All value amounts are specified in Euros.

17.3 Each voucher code can only be used once.

17.4 Voucher code are not for resale and are not redeemable for cash.

17.5 In case of a cancellation, the voucher code will be not reimbursed. After cancellation the voucher code will no longer be valid.

17.6 Voucher codes could be subject to a minimum purchase amount.

17.7 Voucher codes can only be used for language- and summer courses. Voucher codes cannot be used other Information Planet services (transfers, plane tickets, accommodation, etc)

17.8 Voucher codes are usable only while booking a language- or summer course and cannot be applied to bookings previously placed.

17.9 Voucher codes may not be combined with other offers or discounts.

17.10 Information Planet reserves the right to discontinue a voucher code at any time.

Article 18: Specific terms related to study programs

18.1 As the application procedure for a study program is a personal process; Information Planet puts a lot of time and effort into each application in order to make it a success. We charge an admission fee and (partial) payment of the admission fee invoiced by Information Planet is agreeing on the these Terms and Conditions. This fee is not refundable in the exceptional case that the student is not accepted at the educational institute.

18.2 The staff of Information Planet puts lots of effort into providing the best possible service to our clients. The application procedure for a study program requires input from the student (e.g. providing proper documentation). If this is not done properly, Information Planet cannot be held responsible for not providing an optimal service. In such case the costs of the service will be charged to the student based on the above mentioned calculations.

18.3 Information Planet provides information based on the most accurately known information. This might be subjected to third party information and therefore no rights can derived from any of this information and advice.

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